​​​​​​​​​Homestead Inn sober Living

recovery housing

Contract - House Rules

1.    You are giving consent to random drug screens per staff discretion. This is a sober environment any suspicion of drug/alcohol use will be cause for screening.  If a resident is found to be under the influence they will be asked to leave the residence immediately. If management decides you are not a candidate for re-entry you must remove all belongings upon dismissal. You will also forfeit payment that has been made and be held responsible for any and all money owed. You will not be allowed back on to the property without permission from management.  

2.      You give consent to a weekly and random room search and inspection of personal belongings. Weapons or knives of any kind are not permitted on the property. Residents are expected to keep rooms clean and have laundry stowed appropriately. Laundry and linens are to be cleaned weekly off property as laundry services are not provided. 

3.      You agree not to use abusive language, or show aggressive or violent behavior or act in a threatening manner to any house mates.  Any grievances should be brought to staff attention.

4.      Rough-housing, arguing, yelling and the like are unacceptable behaviors. Aggression will not be tolerated and will qualify for immediate dismissal from the house.

5.       You agree to respect house rules and other residents, as a member of a recovering community, based on the principles of honesty, trust. Helping to create a safe and sober environment.

6.      You agree that if you know that another resident has violated any rules of the Homestead Inn that you will report the behavior to staff.

7.       You agree to adhere to stated curfews and “overnight outs” terms: …. 11pm weekdays; 12am weekends (one hour earlier for those with less than 30 days of sobriety) 

8.      Overnights must be requested in advance.  

9.      No overnight releases for first 30 days, residents must sleep at the house each night unless prior arrangements have been made with staff. 

10.     No overnight guests are permitted and all visitors to the property must be approved by staff and be off the property by curfew.

11.     No female visitors are permitted on the property without prior permission from staff. There are no female visitors allowed in bedroom areas.

12.     No sexual activity is permitted on the property.

13.     Residents who have been asked to leave due to their OWN breach of rules will not be permitted back on the property without written consent from the house manager or owner.

14.     Residents are requested to commit to a four month stay and  must attend an AA or NA meeting for their first 90 days of residing at Homestead Inn and then 5 meetings a week thereafter.

15.     Residents must obtain and maintain a sponsor while living at Homestead Inn. Residents are required to work the 12 step program as suggested .

16.     Residents must attend a mandatory House Meeting/Accountability every Monday. 

17.     Residents that are present on the property shall be required to attend morning goal/daily reflection meeting.

18.     Residents are to have gainful employment within 2 weeks of entering our home, or they may be enrolled in an educational program or a minimum of 25 hours a week of community service. This may be done on the property or in a community volunteer program

19.     Daily and weekly chores must be completed on time or a  fine will be assigned.      

20.    We encourage community cooking, meal planning and sharing dinner time together as this assists in developing a family like structure.           

21.    It is acknowledged that Homestead Inn has a security monitoring system in effect 24/7.

22.    Because this is a Sober Living environment and we are to be working as a family unit, senior house members will be a part of the intake for all new residents.. 

23.    All new residents will be subject to a one week trial period.  If the new resident is considered to be unsuitable to live at Homestead Inn , all deposits will be refunded (excluding exit due to relapse, in which case, no refund applies).

24.    Additionally, various issues and violations committed by existing residents will also be brought to the senior house members, who, in conjunction with management will determine suitability for continued residence at Homestead Inn.

25.    Any resident who is on prescribed medications must immediately inform management and must secure those medications on a designated area on property. All medications must be taken as prescribed. You agree that Homestead Inn cannot be held responsible if you abuse your medications, this can lead to serious health problems and even death. It is your responsibility to consult with your doctor about all issues and side effects related to your medications.   

26.    YOU ARE NOT A TENANT UNDER NEW HAMPSHIRE LAW: You recognized and admit that as far as our ability to request that you leave the house for any reason we deem necessary to maintain the house atmosphere as one conducive to sobriety, that YOU ARE NOT LEGALLY A TENANT INSOFAR AS TRADITIONAL LANDLORD/TENANT RELATIONSHIPS GO. You have no recourse under the law protecting your housing rights as they would normally apply to a traditional tenant under a typical rental agreement.   You are giving management total discretion to dictate whether you continue to remain at the house.  Any lawsuits or retaliatory legal efforts on your part will be deemed frivolous and if a case where to make it to the legal system or arbitration, you will be responsible for the legal fees the house would pay to defend itself.




By signing below you signify you have reviewed these House Rules with management, have been given an ample opportunity to ask questions and you understand and agree with the Rules herein

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